Besa Plastik Suni Deri Sanayi A.Ş. started production in İstanbul Rami in 1984. It continued its production in its factory located in Rami, İstanbul for 12 years and then in 1996 it moved to its factory located in Hadımköy, İstanbul. The company still continues its production activities in its factory located at this address.

In 2000, Besa Plastik Suni Deri Sanayi A.Ş. had a change in the management and the new management became active with Levent Şahinler’s lead. With the new management, the company had a younger and more dynamic structure.

During this time, the company constantly renewed itself with the renovation of the machinery parkour along with the developing technology and innovations in the understanding of management and became a preferred brand which is in demand in the market.